Best Pals Forever

by samantha   Sep 27, 2007

You told me back off
Just get outta your life
You hit me and tripped me
And hey, fine, I said id try

So we moved apart and away
You took a different track
And I thought you were fine
Till you came to me crying and wanted me back

Hey buddy, doesnt work like that
You hurt me you know?
Bruised me inside
And a tiny piece of me withered and died

I thought we were friends
But apparently not
Cause the moment she came around
You completely forgot

Whose shoulder you cried on
Whose jokes made you laugh
Oh well, your loss
And no, I dont want to go back

Im tired of always watching over you
And attempting to decide the right the thing to do
When you ditched me, it hurt
Tore me up inside

You have no idea how long I cried
But I had others who treated me right
And hey, you against them, its not even a fight

I wish I could help you, you seem broken and alone
But you shouldnt have waited until now to pick up a phone
I think that forever is a very long time
But maybe thats how long it will take me to make up my mind

Cause best pals forever, well that didnt work
And I have no intention of being best pals with a jerk


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