Ive Changed

by Freakychic   Sep 28, 2007

Feeling unloved like no one cares
Screaming and shouting but no one hears
They all say that I've changed but I don't now how
I'm going to throw something but no one understands
They just look at me in such disgrace screaming were have I gone
I want the old you back
The tears I cry are not from joy there from tears of troubles and sad
The things people said really hurt me
But the things all my friends say to me cut so deep
I've changed for the worse and should go back
But I don't see what I've done to make them think that sure I scream and flip out alot
But they won't stop asking me what's wrong
So yea I have every right to yell and scream at them just let me be and cry in peace
I know I have a few friends that care
But why do they all hate me
I'm a freak they all say but they don't know anything
I've changed so just accept the fact that I'm not the ope you use to have



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  • 9 years ago

    by Mahlah

    I really like this poem alot ie express of who you really are it remind me of myself, all my frineds want be how i was back then and i know i have change lost friend but also gain. i like how you express you emotions and thoughts! there is nothing that you need to change