Not afraid

by Ck deeP   Sep 28, 2007

....S0o0 AnuTher phaze of My lifes Boutta Start, i Got my ShieLd My Knowledge as The gun, i Got wat i Have absorbed From 'Round me as i GreW up ThiNkin iN a very DiFFerent way. Life has Hit me Hard regarDLess of my Age, i Havent Beeen Accepted As WhO i am JuSt yet, DatSz One of My main GoaLs; I WANNA B LOVED 4 WHO I AM, NOT 4 HOW I DRESS, L0OK OR HOW MUCH "POCKET CHANGE" I CARRY Daily. i Wanna B AbLe 2 SpeaK 2 My Mind Havin Other PPL ResPect My word. i Wanna B Able 2 Make PPl understand Dat My piercings Dont mean; I DO DRUGS, My Green Hair Dont Mean; IM A FREAK AND tHE WAY i live DoN't Mean iM a reBBel. IM JUST NOT AFRAID TO B ME.


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