An Angel with Broken Wings

by PoeticJustice   Sep 29, 2007

This poem is about Tupac Amaru Shakur, i wrote it on 9/13/07, the 11th anneversary of his death. its more of a letter than a peom.

Another year passes by and thought we never knew you, we miss you.
Your words were found by the lost souls in their moments of need and soul searching.
We lost an angel with broken wings on a day like this.
The world will never be the same because of you, and because you are gone.
But you live on
you live on in our hearts, in our tears, in our thoughts, and our dreams.
You were, no, you are the light in the darkness of hopelessness.
We not only listened to you, we felt you, we felt your words, your ideas, and your pain.
We will never think or dream the same because of you.
Today we do not mourn because you are dead, we mourn because you creative beauty did not live just one more second for us to cherish, we mourn because others do not see your light, but most importantly, we praise.
We praise your life, music and poetry.
We praise your artistic skill and your will to overcome, we praise your words and we praise you.
And though your sings were healed on a day like this, from that day on you lived on Until the End of Time.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Poetess

    Oh mannnn. I LOVE Tupac. So, it's obvious I LOVE this poem. Definately a 5 from me. =]]

    ` Liz