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My name is Santana/[PoeticJustice], and i am a poet. I write all kinds of poetry, but when im depressed or inspired to i tend to write poems about life or other things. I love poetry, its so amazing, i love playing with words, I sometimes write raps too. i love Futbol, it is my life. i also love Reeses, i absolutely love them, i eat them everyday!
My life consists of Music, Soccer, Poetry, and Food. If i run out of those, just kill me.

I consider religion to be the base of alot of whats wrong in this world.
But i think that what ever religion u believe in is right, well for you at least. as for me, im sorta Buddhist-agnogstic.

If i could i would go back in time and become one of the greatest philosophers ever.

I am really laid back and friendly, i can talk about anything and everything. I have trust issues, but hey, who doesnt?
My myspace is: myspace.com/santana_tha_dominican
Im 17, single, dominican and i plan to be a psychologist.

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  • You know who your true friends are when u ask for the keys to the car...

    14 years ago
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  • If u dnt get hurt doing something u ain't gonna get good at it.

    -person that washed my car-

    14 years ago
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  • If the consciousnes of doing wrong is lost, what reason is there left for living?

    14 years ago
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