by PoeticJustice   Jan 12, 2008

More money, more problems. Shoot, some money, more problems. Even no money, more problems.
I cant wait to see the day when physics proves that money equals problems.
Yeah, but even if they did, its not like we would get rid of it. That would never happen.
Why? Because the people who have it wouldnt want to give it up. And even if they did, the people who dont have it want it too much to take away the chance to have it.
And even if we did get rid of it, its not like it would work. We re too deep into it to give it up. We re addicted. Addicted to the color, the sound; drop a coin on the floor and count how many people turn and gaze at the floor looking for it. You could count yourself too b/c you went crazy trying to make sure you didnt lose it.
Some even say Money is the root of all evil. But why hide the truth, money gave birth to hell. Money is the real Grim Reaper, slowly taking life away. Everything we do is somehow connected to money. We spend our whole life chasing it. We dare to steal, lie, even kill for it. For some, actually for many, its the only reason to get up in the morning. The only reason worth living.
Counting, one, five, ten, four percent, point-four percent, interest, inflation, equity, profit. Im just surprised that the word money doesnt include a whole encyclopedia set to define it.
But forget nuclear warfare or genocide or the bird flu, money is whats going to kill us, and the truth is that is already has.



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  • 12 years ago

    by Anne Garcia

    Haha... money how can we live with it how can we live without it?