Anuther Place

by Ck deeP   Sep 29, 2007

I would luv 2 run away, 2 a place wea they wont point fingers at u, in a place wea they wont judge 4 ya past or ya mistakes, in a place wea we coul all b ourselves without worryin bout wat PPL can say, not like i care, but dats mah point, why care?, they aint pay ya rent or bills, they dont walk ya dog or clean ya toilet..if this Place its suppose 2 b a free country, then why PPL got so much 2 say when u speak ya mind, is it kuz the word from da mind is da authentic truth?, PPL r more scared of the truth, PPL r scared to be them, PPL r scared 2 not fit in, but wats left if u aint bein yaself?...a bunch of fake ass PPL, dats wats left.


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