Fall that one word says it all

by nicole   Oct 5, 2007

The simple way they took your hand that was to make you understand and with a hug and then a kiss you were all at once dismissed

the way they looked into your eyes silently promising to tell no lies to never hurt that place deep inside
just as long as it didn't hurt their pride

the only thing that seemed to matter was when your heart went pitter patter not when your heart stopped then splattered just as you climbed one more step on the ladder

just when it seemed to be rock bottom the season had finally settled on autumn all was quiet edgy waiting for the last ray of hope dissapaiting

and then without warning there it was the snow had fallen just because they let go and left you standing your eyes brimming with tears they were demanding

then they glancing back with a complacent smile while your wishing wondering all the while if one single little thing was true that they swore with such sincerity to you

it wasn't even the title gone the holding hands the cheesy love song it was the trust the hours spent wondering now what they all meant

and in the final words you got to say asking yourself why they felt that way and how someone could be so true and then flatly say they never cared about you

pride trust friendship and love were all abused the four letter word so easily used and just wanting answers that was all but life sucks in the fall


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