Key To Your Heart

by MiSZ ALAiNA   Oct 11, 2007

Kind of like MH
These circles are driving me crazy
I been sitting her thinking
Where is my baby?

You were the one who said that I got you
I had the key to your heart
I guess that makes you a liar
Because we done fell apart

Not even a month with you
But I loved you so
I guess you didn't love me at all
Since you decided to just let go

Now I'm sitting
Playing with this key
Knowing damn well
It doesn't mean a thing to me

If i threw it away
That wouldn't be nice
But other girls won't be able to have it
Let me think twice

If I threw in in the ocean
Would your dream girl jump out
With a perfect smile
You'd go crazy no doubt

How about I feed it to the dog
Though, that may kill him
I'm not that cruel
What a horrible sin

Maybe I should keep it
Put it in a box with lace
I couldn't look at it though
It would only remind me of your face

How about flush it down the toilet
Nope, that would mess up the pipes
Why can't I think of a way
To get you out of my lfe

I know! I'll just give it to you
How hard could that be?
Drop it in your hand
But don't say a word to me

I'm not mean
I do have a lot of pride
So you know what I'm doing?
Being myself tonight

Go out with my girls
What I should of done from the start
You have fun tonight too Babe
And don't give just anyone the key to your heart


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