Questions of a Troubled Heart

by Phoebe   Oct 14, 2007

If I hide myself away from you today,
Can I pretend that nothing is wrong?
That the smile I'm wearing isnt fake,
and my heart hasnt lost its song.

I can avoid the awkward questions,
avoid telling a thousand lies,
Just leave the mask upon my face,
Cover up my tear-filled eyes.

If I put up my stainless steel barriers,
Would you still try to break them down?
Would you save me from the thoughts in my head,
Before, within them, I drown?

Can I trust you with my fragile heart,
and know you will keep it safe?
I love you too much to take it back,
I hope, in your hands it wont break.

If you love me as much as you say,
Can you feel the pain in my heart,
Though my face is covered with smiles,
Can you tell that I'm falling apart?

I have so many questions for you to answer,
That are scared to cross my lips,
and I guess if I want them answered,
I'm just going to have to get a grip.
I love you.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Chris

    I love you.
    You can ask me anything, don't be scared no matter what kind of question it is.
    I'll talk to you later, okay angel?


  • 11 years ago

    by Not Bulletproof

    Beautiful poem doll.
    i hope everything works out.
    you two just need to talk xx

    take care,