Gender Confusion

by ToWriteLoveOnHerArms   Oct 22, 2007

This is all still really confusing to me. I never quite understood what was happening with me. I had never been attracted to another girl before her. Please don't leave any rude comments. Constructive critism on the peom itself is perfectly fine. Just leave the subject alone. I'm still sensitive about it all.

I don't understand.
None of this makes sense.
I love him, not her.
I wish I could put this to rest.

A girl? Whats wrong with me?
Girls dont love girls.
It just doesnt fit.
Boys love girls.
Oh I love the way she twirls.

No, dont think like this.
Its a phaze, youll get through this.
Day by day, youll realize.
But God, I just want a kiss.

My head spins,
As I see her head my way.
Im holding his hand,
Just breathe, youll be okay.

Him or her?
How is this even a question?
Im straight, I dont like girls.
I cant, this is all so wrong.
But I do, and I cant stop.
Please, please just stop.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by she

    Hmm sounds like a moment inside my head
    i know its confusing, but you expressed it sooooo very well, i loved this

  • 10 years ago

    by biancaa

    I have a friend who went through this situation too. i like your poem, its good, keep it up.

  • 10 years ago

    by Bee

    Wow, i have a friends who is going through the same thing. It must b tough... regardless, i really like your poem and how you transferred your feelings into it. great job 5/5

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