Gambling with life

by nicole   Oct 27, 2007

The fluid came in a horrid lurch
he throws up till his stomach hurts
his heart is breaking
head is aching
lips are shaking earth is quaking

Time is taking its toll
ticking by as body and bottle both run dry
loosing a little more feeling with every tear that he cries
why all of this if hes so afraid to die

He builds a wall to hide behind
hiding in the shadows of his mind
he runs away but something pulls him back
he searches for love but love he lacks

long nights begin to show their mark
things come to light once done in the dark
meaningless things loose their spark
like midnight wanders through the park

Days and nights begin to run together
he just blames it on the weather
loosing precious time forever
vision blurred he says
never say never

he walks around within a crowd
a hood covering his face
almost like a shroud he wears it
to hide the feelings of disgrace

Where it began no man knows
where it ends a gravestone shows
you cant take money cars or clothes
God determines where he goes

Love was offered and refused
trust was broken and abused
hope was shattered dreams were scattered to the wind
with everything else that really mattered

Touch love hope heaven or hell
damning them all in his intoxicated swell
falling to his knees crying out
what the hell is this life all about

Deteriorating day by day
his mind and body seem to say
his heart broken like a piece of clay
how can anyone live this way

the tears they fall like acid rain
pouring out his hurt and pain
trying desperately to refrain
but relief has not yet called his name

Onward he trudges day by day
this dangerous game he dares to play
begging pleading for a way
to make it through just one more day


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