When The Rain Comes....(Rough Copy)

by Daniel   Nov 4, 2007

When It rains it pours, she said with sadness in her song.
How can love be so right, at the same time feel so wrong.
I reached for her and she fell away, I'm breaking up inside.
Rain is coming now and there's no where I can hide.

I think of her every night, I lie awake until day...
You'll always be right here with me, but yet so far away.
I'll cross an ocean of time, carry on into night.
Leaving everything behind, making this feel right.

The Rain is coming down, killing me inside out.
I'm falling to my knees, All I can do is shout.
Calling her name behind tears of disbelief, wanting her back.
Lipstick stains upon the heart....turn a different shade of black.

Rain keeps coming down, I'm not the man I use to be.
Rain Is pouring down, This has broken me.
Washing away my happiness and fear, Rain keeps coming down.
Trying to run away and get free, but the rain beats harder on the ground.

Slowly I change, the moon shines high above.
Rain washed away the pain, all the feelings of love.
Suddenly don't care about life or death, not the moment I am in.
Nothing matters anymore, should this be a sin.

I can feel her crying over me, asking where I've gone.
I can't answer her cause I can't hear her, but to her my heart belongs.
I'll wait for this love to come and take me home, It's a possibility.
Till then I'll always be alone, I'm not who you want me to be.

When the rain comes down I can feel her tears upon my face,
My heart turns black as I stand In what I feel as a cold embrace.
The sun comes after and drys up the ground, I don't stay to see.
I'm meant for the rain and it's tears, the rain is meant for me.


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