by 00moi00   Nov 5, 2007

My mind is a blur,
My heart non-existent,
I do not feel love,
Nor anger or joy.

I cannot escape,
The thoughts in my head.
Always saying one thing,
This must come to an end.

Nothing to live for
Always hurt and betrayed,
By family and friends
It's always the same.

When the phone rings
I hope for one thing.
Your voice will be there,
On the other end.

It never does happen
I feel all alone,
Abandoned by all,
By the ones that I love.

So now I must choose
What I do with my life,
What changes I will make
What thoughts I will keep.

My mind and my heart
They do not agree,
With the decisions I face
What shall they be?

Who should I keep,
And who should I cut?
What should I keep.
And what should I keep?

The decisions will be made,
Through anger, disappointment, and pain.
With tears on my face,
My thoughts will escape.

I might finally be happy,
And be all I've ever wanted.
I might possibly fail,
And be done after all.


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