Someone Will Always Be There

by babyPB   Nov 6, 2007

Such a beautiful appearance
The inside, very genuine.
Looks as grand as a goddess
Her dreams, she's very determined.

Everybody thinks she's perfect
Inside and out.
Yet, only herself knows
What characteristics she's without.

Having troubles at her house
While at public she acts there is none.
To forget about it all
She makes sure, she always have fun.

Yet, at the end of every day
Problems still bothers her.
She goes to bed early after praying,
Hoping to her dreams she'll transfer.

Another day has come,
She lives the same old life.
While one minute she got distracted
With their kitchen knife.

Not thinking of the future
Just thinking about now.
Letting the negatives in,
But the positives she won't allow.

Knowing what she's thinking
Would bring nothing but stupidity
She resisted doing it,
It's not what her mom raised her to be.

She continued living life
Until the very next day.
She met someone who became her best friend
Cause of him, the pain went away.

He understands her
More than anybody in this world
He's always there to support her,
Even when her thoughts are always twirled.

Until now, nobody has realized
What her used to-conflict is.
It's a secret they'll keep
Between her heart and his.


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  • 10 years ago

    by milly

    Its great, really... WOW