Vampire Lover

by Just Sierra   Nov 6, 2007

Night closes in and envelopes me
Sealing its deal with the deadliest kiss.
Tonight I wait for the coldest of touches,
Oh how I'm so ready to live for this.

You approach me from deep shadows,
So beautiful that my veins are ripping,
With your dark black eyes and chalky pale skin,
One look at you and I am slipping.

Silently you hold me against your chest,
And I'm dying to live forever in this state.
Just seal the deal; I'll dwell in the night,
This wicked love will be my lovely fate.

Sharp teeth pierce into soft leather skin,
My knees buckle for ecstasy you've injected.
After moments of freely flowing blood,
You did exactly what I never expected.

You took another bite and left me helpless,
There was no anesthetic in your affection.
I caught your eyes; I caught your lips with mine,
In the moment, there's nothing but perfection.

My racing heart gives beat to the dead
I looked on with only a deep esteem.
How someone as breathtaking as you are
Could bring life to this dead-end-dream...

Now spiraling into the abyss of death,
Didn't know if I would see you once more
But I close my eyes, lent my soul to pain
And walk, content, to hell's black shore.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Sarah

    Great Fantasy!! You written it so well. Great diction and imagery.

    The tone in the poem was perfectly clear,

    Great well penned. 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by Georgi

    Duhude!!! Ur vocab is INCREDIBLE!! I loved this its so dark that its beautiful :) I love uuuuu!!

  • 10 years ago

    by cuddelyxbutxviciousXxX

    Awsome. i liked this very much, keep writing!