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I am Sierra.
I've actually been on P&Q since I was like 12 years old...and writing poems for even longer than that.

I've made some AMAZING friends on this site and I owe it all to the club--The Meatball Hoagies.

We never have a specific topic to really talk about but I know that these girls are my life and I would trust them with anything and everything. They've supported me through abuse and trauma and death. I love them to death and I am so astonished by how this site can bring people together.

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  • Age : 21
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  • Country : USA, Georgia
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Latest Poems By Just Sierra

  • So to the stars and moon, I thus confided
    About a love so precious, yet unrequited...

  • The Queen of Hearts title I once had possessed
    I had a kingdom of riches and a garden blessed...

  • Every end is just a new beginning
    A chapter closed, but always printing...

  • Tragically wasted and alone with no words to say
    Too stubborn to scream the agony that's on my mind...

  • Soft wind whips knots into my long hair
    I can hear a voice whisper over there...

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