Dreamers Journey

by nicole   Nov 7, 2007

In the night all alone
searching for familiar
the cold could turn a heart to stone
but something within willed her

The sky was bright
the night was dark
the moon high in the sky
when all at once the silence broke
a tear slipped from her eye

A heart of yearning
a soul of longing, longing to let go
whispered words of belonging
words only she could know

Stuck inside a walless box
held prisoner by hurt and pride
holding tightly to her song
the melody locked deep inside

The melody rose to her lips
stunned by the words she sang
sweet and low the rhythm moved
on the wind they carelessly played

Something about the wind
how it moved through the trees
something about the grass
soft beneath her knees

something about the moon
high within the sky
something about that night
as a river flowed from her eyes

The sweet release of emotion
there in the quiet dark
her lips moved without a notion
of the wisdom they could impart

finally through an epiphany
her mind was at a still
walking towards the sunrise
shaking off the evenings chill


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