by XxxxSoManyStitchesxxxX   Nov 25, 2007

There is this mirror
Near my door
This girl with tears I see
Always staring at me

I wish I could heal her heart that is breaking
I wish I could make her stop crying
I wish I could cure her soul from mourning
I wish I could save herself from the depths of grieving


How can I heal her heart from breaking?
How could I stop her from crying?
How could I cure her soul from mourning?
How could I save herself from the depths of grieving
When the girl I saw in the mirror is me that was dying?


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  • 10 years ago

    by katie

    Omgosh i love it
    its so true and ungarded
    gr8 job

  • If you change all the she's to he's, that is me right now :(