Our World Today

by Nicole   Dec 13, 2007

Why do we care so much
About what other people say?
Always listening to the crowds,
Wanting to do it all their way.

We read these magazines,
That give us the wrong impressions.
They make us seem so worthless,
When we look at our reflections.

We watch models walk down the runway
Making us all feel fat.
Thinking they look so beautiful
Just dying to look like that.

Jealousy strikes us all.
Wanting what others possess.
Then we hear rumors spread,
Making us feel depressed.

Some say hurtful things,
That kill us so deep inside.
So we try to act different to not feel hated,
When really there's nothing to hide.

We try to act a certain way
And try to follow the trends.
Then fall into the wrong crowds,
Not knowing that we're losing our true friends.

So why do we listen to what we hear
And try to be the people that we're not
When we should just be who we are inside
And be happy with what we've got.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by SIMPLY ME

    Tru dat! lol!!

  • 10 years ago

    by ViCkY G

    I jus lub it!!!!!!
    i mean it all makes since [[why should we care bout wht other ppl say]]

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