Hospital conclusions

by nicole   Dec 14, 2007

Golden honey, the deepest of blue skies

within yellow sunsets are spun web like lies

sunshine and rainbows

smiles not tears

hopes and dreams

candy coated lies and fears

within the serious nature, underlying something funny

silver lining to a cloudy sky makes everything sunny

the peaceful calm after the storm

but it couldn't last for long

the blooming of a late flower

crushed by the fleeing throng

only to spring up a new

once more to try again

thus the vicious cycle goes on until we meet the end

knocking down only to accomplish something stronger

how much more can single human take

can a heart survive for much longer

false hope and unattainable dreams are worse than having none at all

but like the lonely forgotten sparrow God See's us when we fall

somehow He's there to comfort us to save us from the fire to pull us back and ask again that we walk a fine wire

though we stumble tumble and fall He's been with me through it all and every time I pull away He calls me back asking me to stay

His arms open wide, I find refuge deep inside, safe, loved, all at once at peace this still small voice sustains me


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