Kidnapped"" -didn't happen- (long story)11/10/07

by Maddyxxx   Dec 29, 2007


-I walked past a store or two, like any other day
-I had a fight with a friend, grew cold and angry fast
-I started to feel a bit strange as I walked along
-Headed to wards the street ,and fainted to the ground
-A man came fast in a white car, got out and helped me up
-Or so I thought, with his strange embrace he forced me into his car, as he shoved me inside, so hard that I hurt my side
and slowly plopped to the seat, pretending to be passed out
-Don't ask what I was thinking, he searched franticly in my pockets as he drove along talking in a crazy rage
-He wondered if I had a phone, but he couldn't find it, then gave up and kept driving
-Still a bit dazed and confused, slowly starting to realize what was going on
-started to sit up and look at him with anger, as he drove, I looked threw the rear view mirror
-And went for the door all the while he spoke in a firm scary voice saying "that he had to have me", I grew nervous asking the obvious questions
-I screamed and plead to be let go, but he only got angry
-He told me to calm the F**K down and stop or I'd be sorry, stupid me I didn't stop
-The next minute he back handed me till I cried
-Turned up the radio that played obvious lyrics of what the situation was about, as I calmed down, he threw a blindfold at me and told me to put it on, but obviously I refused
-He said ' you really wanna make this hard huh?", we entered a garage as he spoke, I looked nervously around
-The garage door still open as he got out of the car, he went to the trunk, then he disappeared, I figured it was my time to make the move
-Went for the door and opened it slowly, I started to get out, but decided to get out my phone and franticly call my mother
-I climbed out of the car and started for the door of the garage,as sudden pull from a strong hand threw me up against the car and started to strangle me till I gasped and struggled, his glaring eyes burning into my eyes
-He let go as I fell to the floor,dragged me by the hair till I screamed, I fussed and struggled but he only got more rough,he kept pulling my to the house door, slammed it open and forced me in by kneeing my in the ribs
-Crawling into the house, trying to hide from this man, he closed and locked the door, as I crawled into another room hiding away
-He spoke in a tone that was unfamiliar "aw come on girl your liking this, I don't know why you gotta fight me"
-All the while I'm hiding in a darkened room , not thinking he could possibly her my silent pleads
-I felt a cold shiver down my spin as I knelt low to the floor, he said he'd find me and that I'd never get away, felt a warm breath upon my neck, a silent whisper "gotcha" as I screamed and fell back wards
-Went to get up and escape but his arms wrapped around my neck as he forced me to my feet that felt weak,
-He whispered how "he likes the way I play" I only struggled more as he spoke,
-Started to pull me and drag me to a silent padded room with a bed,table,paper,pens,and clothes
-but no way was I able to escape,he shoved me in as I fell to the floor,getting ready to jump to my feet, he demanded I stay down or face consequences , so I did, He walked away grinning as he slammed and locked the door
-I looked around slowly as I grew sickened at what I saw, pictures of me all over the walls, which I tore down so fast, I seen the paper and pens,a box of clothes sat still next to the bed on the floor.........



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