One Month Ago Today

by I Want To Forget But All I Do Is Remember   Jan 20, 2008

*January 14, 2008 was one month for me and my baby! It's that special! I wrote him this and gave it to him on the 14th. He said I could post it. But he keeps his copy in his wallet...he amazes me!*

You know all my secrets,
And still you choose to stay,
I'm broken inside you're trying to fix me,
But I'm already repaired just loving you,
The damage is done so leave it be,
All I need for you to do is love me,
I know I can trust you and that's all I need,
All the painful memories you just kiss away,
You're truly amazing can't you tell,
I love to be where ever you are,
All I want is to stare in your blue eyes,
It makes me feel safe when you hold me close,
I didn't know I could still fall in love,
Until you came along one month ago today,
What I just wanted to say is I love you baby,
And I can see you love me too!


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  • 10 years ago

    by pookiengurgi

    A little roughly worded..but it was adorable and inspiring.

  • 10 years ago

    by Dying Beautifully

    Aww that's cute this month on the 26 is three months for me and my boo. I am so happy for you this is great:) Awesome poem..