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I enjoy writing, though I can admit that my work could use just that-more work. If you appreciate it, great, thanks-glad I could help entertain you.

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    And in a perfect world, such things are possible.
    To take the first step into the unknown is to...

  • I used to meet her every day
    She shouldn't have remained...

  • I try so hard to remain strong
    But with every choice to act, I shake...

  • Imagine, you are part of the lower sector of a...
    And you enter an area, where your presence might...

  • As just a suggestion
    After some reflection...

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  • It's difficult to have hope and still be detached; even more so difficult to survive otherwise.

    8 years ago
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  • Call me a crazy stupid fool because I fell in love with you...but don't you see who the real fool is?
    In saying what you did it's me you lose...
    and just with that you're the crazy idiot who will never again have me by his side-

    13 years ago
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  • Sittin at the park in the rain waitin on the sun to shine-story of this life

    13 years ago
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