Can i holla

by Tim   Feb 2, 2008

How u doin ma wuz ya name
O mine's im Tim an im notta notha lame

Dude thatz try'n 2 holla say'n the same ol' things
u special ma u shine' ur a diamond that blings

Like a bird with wings ma u juz that fly
I kno you feel what im say'n cuz im juz that guy

That most chick's walk past ma i dont talk fast
somethin like keith sweat ima tryna make this last

Dont compare me 2 the otha catz they just things from ya past
Is that a speed bump back there cuz daz a nice lil ass

ya bodi'z bang'n like da music in my car
it doesn't take much ma i kno we can go far

You somethin like a star so i guess ima a fan
I hope u feel'n what im say'n cuz im tryna b yo man

so babi take my hand an lets go for a walk wont try nothin funni all i wanna do iz talk

Maybe get 2 kno you betta spend a lil chedda
hug ya bodi right juz like a tight sweat'a


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  • 10 years ago

    by Tim

    Yo people let ya boi know what u think plz vote

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