I\'m not happy anymore

by Jason   May 17, 2004

I'm not happy anymore

Do you remember that day when we met again?
I know you remember, you gotta?

It was about November 4th of 1998 and til this day I believe it was fate. God had finally blessed me with a mate, while searching for another. She was dating someone, but it didn't matter, because the love between you and I, would soon start to gather. Day after day, night after night, we spent time together, and never did we fuss or fight. We started to kiss and that was it. You was happy, I was happy, nothing could stop it, except time and it's endings of moments we could spend together. Forever was what I thought I would spend with you, but we scattered like fish in the deep sea and now I'm blue cause we're not together, and I did it because of you. I tend to ask my self why, but that's one of the only reasons I could come up with. So I moved away to get away, and glad I didn't stay, because back in Feb of 04' I was surprised with your voice again, and having that time, made me feel that in my life I am now a real man. But just like anything else, my happiness had to end again, we were friends for like a week, and now I feel so freaking weak. No time of day, nor the time of night, would make this pain go away or help me to fight. I'm not happy anymore is what I said, but shoot forget the happiness, I just wish at times that she wouldn't have to wait until I am dead to speak to me again. Well, while the time I sit and write with this pen, I try to make myself happy, but in truth, I just need another friend. Can someone help me, to help me be a man....


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