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Hey, I am Me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~x~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are different. You may know thing's that I don't know, you may point out that I don't understand. It doesn't make me stupid. So be nice. Then we can get along.
So my poems are mine. My own. These days they are rushed and I only write them to release how I am feeling, what I want to say, but (/and) know I shouldn't.


It's so easy to lie these days... And now telling the truth is just a game I play.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~x~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am Me. Choke.

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Latest Poems By Jesse James

  • Sorry. (2)

    Things were hard,
    What was I to do...

  • Vent. (1)

    Tasting your lips in the kiss of another,
    Searching for you in the arms of my lovers...

  • I didn't want perfection,
    When I was looking at you...

  • Your eyes are looking hollow
    Your body's beginning to rot...

  • Words hurt, like broken looks.
    They tear me up inside...

Latest Quotes By Jesse James

  • Love is not blind. We are.

    11 years ago
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  • This is what living like this does.


    12 years ago
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  • Best Friends Means I Pulled The Trigger,
    Best Friends Means You Get What You Deserve.

    ~Taking Back Sunday.

    12 years ago
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