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Most of these were written years ago, or it feels that way anyway.

Sometimes I look back and read them just to see how far I've come, and to just remember how it was.

Eating disorders are a nasty business, and most of my poems are related to mine. It only comes alive when you feel weak and its then when you need to be strong to fight it off. Recovery is a long process but I feel I've come almost full circle, and I have just the residual voice to drown out/ignore.

I'm not Anorexic or Bulimic, I havent been for months. But I have an ED which still occupies alot of my time and thoughts, & I have yet to find someone who exercises more than me, or thinks about how I should be exercising any time I'm sitting still.

My myspace is~ shop girl 119 {nix the spaces} and I write in a Blog almost daily.

Happy Reading. x

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Latest Poems By Avellana

  • I don't know what you find
    When you look and smile at me...

  • My mind is so chaotic
    I can't find air to breathe...

  • Held up on a pedestal
    I held the perfect pose...

  • I don't know how to say this
    But I'm scared... all of the time...

  • My life is twist turning about
    I'm too excited to sleep...

Latest Quotes By Avellana

  • Its the things that make us feel abnormal, which really make us all the same.

    14 years ago
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  • If flesh could crawl
    My skin would fall
    From off my bones and run away from here.

    15 years ago
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  • Blaming me isn't going to change the fact that the future is going to happen.

    15 years ago
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