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life is wonderful whether you're with someone *special* or not. just *sMiLe* and feel BEAUTIFUL cuz you are! =) a lilo bit about myself: i like to be creative-doing things my way! recently, i don't have a bf-does anyone need a gf? =) talking/chatting are my favorite things to do throughout the year. sorwie if my poems are NOT that good and my writing is not proficient cuz english is NOT my major. i like to *sMiLe* but behind my smile are things you'll never understand.. also, ALL of my poems & quotes are ORIGINAL pieces-i come up with it myself. i saw many quotes in here that are the same, but submitted by different people. btw, my favorite poems are: just a sad poem~a love that lasts forever~dream of you~words of the heart~if you were~i will love again~
what i like to do at this website:

something to do to kill time!

1. rate people's poem 25/5 (bad/good)
2. post up a msg in the forum-also to reply
3. write sad love poems

still trying to heal my broken heart, if you know any other ways, plz lemme know! =)

7/4/05 yeay! i got my 4 awards, i didn't expect it to be gold awards, i was aiming for 4 pink ones.. or blue ones (my favorite color) anywayz, i won't be writing anymore poems cuz i that's all i ever wanted at this site.. =) BIG THANK-YOU to all my friends in here who helped me out! *mauhz* esp. vdl thanks for giving me what i want-showing me what i need to know-being there for me-as a friend (forever) *sMiLe* i miss you!
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we'll be wishing on the same star, looking at the same moon. when u're thinking about me, baby, i'll be thinking of you oohh oohhh. dzu anh khong can em nhung em vang can anh. em khong the de mat anh. xa anh ky nhiem. koj puas hlub kuv tiag? hou je echt van mij? do you really love me?
7/5/05 huni vdl, if you read this it means em yeu anh for the rest of our life! =) ur bday is in 2 more days, i hope u'll enjoy 1 year older, and have a great birthday!! -oNo-jeSSica vo tuong lai cua anh!! =)
cam on anh da lam em cuoi trong doi cua em va em xin loi em ko fai la nguoi ban gai tot va em chuc anh duoc vui ve va hanh phuc mai mai.

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  • Imagine dis, u're on a boat & lost @ sea & surrounded by lots of sharks with no weapon on u, what can u do to get out of dis scenario??
    some says "jump in the sea & swim with the sharks" but there is a way out... QUIT IMAGINING!

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  • Always pick your man over diamond, cuz when he falls in love with you, you get both!! ;)

    8 years ago
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  • Hug me if you want to kiss me. kiss me if you want a black eye!

    8 years ago
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