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Ok people here it goes! First of all I'm NOT going to say the normal hey yeah I'm a F**ked up teen and my life sucks. Because it doesn't I'm normal and my life isn't that bad. Alot of my poetry might be about cutting or the like but I'm getting away from that all the best I can. I used to cut and yes I am still struggling with it. I am trying to walk with Christ but am stumbling over and over. which you will hear about alot in my poetry. I am going for a more freeverse feel but am planning on experimenting with many other types as well. I dream of becoming a writer when I grow older but the dream is far away from becoming a reality and that is if it ever does happen. I would LOVE your comments and I am o.k. with harsh honesty (so bring it on!haha) I PROMISE TO RETURN THE FAVOR!!!!When I am not writing I love to paint. When I can not use the alphabet I use colors. My fathers relationship with me is still rocky but I'm not willing to give up yet. He tells me the bible is not true which I feel is pushing me while I try to walk.

I thank you for all your comments and rates and I will return the favor and then some.

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  • Being in love is like standing in a battlefield with no weapon.

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  • The frustration of failure can kill us all

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  • "Young and naive is better then old and wise"

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