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Yes, i am the weeping wolf, though my tears are not entirely from sadness, for i cannot regret or forget the joy that has entered my love, every time I am in the presence of love. I write what I feel, imagine, dream, and above all, Love. And every poem has at least once piece of my story, but even putting all the puzzle pieces together couldn't help you discover who i am, for though i am as wild and passionate as the wolf; my love is the like the wind and the sea; endless, untamable, and always changing.

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  • Life sure as hell doesn't hold back, but doesn't give enough away either, just enough to make you cry for it...

    10 years ago
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  • Love is not a pie, the more pieces you cut doesn't make it any less.

    10 years ago
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  • My heart may be torn in two, but i bought a sewing kit, because I have to learn to mend things for myself now.

    10 years ago
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