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if you can't tell.. i don't write too often but i try to get on here alot anyway...
poetry is an art. instead of brushes and hues, words paint a perfect picture. I enjoy poems that come alive, or even more, poems that inspire or make you think

Maybe we all will realize the power residing<br>
In a love so crisp, so unforgiving<br>
That every bruise retorts to a scar<br>
And the scars leave an endless bleeding<br>
Of tears and suffering<br>
While at the same time, each discoloration<br>
Can ripen into something more deserving<br>
Cherished into the meek hearts <br>
Of everyone who needs a savior<br>
For there worlds are too unclear for oneself<br>
Merged with one another, an understanding<br>
That love shouldn�t be a burden or a blessing<br>
It should be the essence of life<br>


keep it real, and keep in touch

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