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My name is Nicole Mecham. I absolutely love writing, although it seems to come and go in waves. If you have any questions or simply need someone to talk to, feel free to message me.

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Latest Poems By TinyDancer46

  • An empty paper stares at me
    It taunts as I delay...

  • You found a way to climb my walls
    Instead of breaking in...

  • She hides the bruises once again
    By putting on long sleeves...

  • Crawling in my body, it's a demon that won't leave
    A slayer so well hidden, destined to deceive...

  • Look away
    Act as if it isn't killing you...

Latest Quotes By TinyDancer46

  • You cushion every single word
    With pity in your eyes
    You wait for me to break right down
    I smile to your surprise

    Then we both laugh with relief
    "We're better as friends!" I say
    And as the tears start rolling down
    I turn and walk away

    11 years ago
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  • Tighten the rope you placed around my neck
    Push me aside..... make me forget
    Demolish what's left of the heart you broke...
    Laugh to yourself as you watch me choke

    16 years ago
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  • Inside me, there's a song
    Yet I cannot find the words
    It's the story of my heart...
    The saddest song you've ever heard

    16 years ago
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