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See me as I am, not as what you want me to be.

yeah, my poems aint all that but if you vote/comment i'll return the favor. Give me hard core feed back, good or bad. i love people being honest cause if you lie you're nothing but fukin dumb Azzes who are fake as hell, then again we all are.
Anywayz, my name... unimportant... im a Tupac fan, i love his poetry as well as his song/lyrics. he speaks the truth. my favorite song is "Changes" + "Until The End of Time"
i love black and pink.
i hate showing emotions in front of people, i always stay emotionless around people. so yeah. thats me.
Music: "Lean wit it, Rock wit it" - Dem Franchize Boyz, "Twisted Transistor" - Korn, "Bandoleros" - Don Omar, "A Song For Mama" - Boyz II Men, "Dare + Clint Eastwood" - Gorillaz, "Foxtrot" - Bloodhound Gang.
I love music all types and if your a music freak like me e*mail me. aside from my slight attitude am a nice person, or can be. you have to know me to understand.
Words of Wisdom...
"Only God can judge me." -Tupac
its truth so dont take anything anyone else says to heart.

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  • "Love makes a heart misplace, so don't lose it."

    12 years ago
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  • I think your head is running out of oxygen,
    because the only thing you think about is, 'Dying to be Beautiful.'
    You not knowing that true beauty is within the soul and the outer shell is just an introduction.

    12 years ago
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  • ~you're everything that keeps me together, without you i fall apart.~

    12 years ago
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