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My poems are not quite "great" but I guarantee you that they are all 100% mine and from my heart. *I love emails, so please feel free to just write!*

A little bio:
I have a BA in English with a Rhetoric focus. However, my career is not in writing nor has anything to do with writing because what would I have to write about if all I did was write all day? I prefer to save it as something to enjoy than to have as a job.

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  • Even if I could erase every tear drop I shed for you in exchange for all the laughter you brought into my life, I would not.

    10 years ago
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  • ~: I am very proud to say that these are entirely my own pieces of work :~

    "This may be an bad world, but it is also a good world- and in difficult times, it is the good that makes it worth fighting for."

    10 years ago
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  • ~I like funny're just funny looking~

    11 years ago
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