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I love to write poetry. To put down feelings in such a symbolic manner makes it real for me. I am a very earthy person. Love the outdoors. I work as a massage therapist and reiki master, and love it. Always on the go. I always say "we truly are a peace of earth".

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  • Age : 24
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  • Country : USA, Montana
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Latest Poems By Lynn Anderson

  • Dusty is the wisdom,that sits upon my shelf.
    The golden key to knowledge is the power that lies...

  • Autumn harvest and the shedding of the trees.
    A step before winter, a chill in the air...

  • A summer morning when the dew drips water into the...
    Leaving nothing but untouched feelings, of hope...

  • Grey, pale white, ash.
    Colors that fill this winter sky...

  • A heart of which with love of mine.
    Will hold love for your eternity...

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  • Have a look deep into my innocent eyes of faith

    14 years ago
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  • Good-bye love. Hello months of getting over you.

    15 years ago
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  • I knew that you would be the one who murders my heart.

    15 years ago
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