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I'm Katherine but you can call me Kat or Kita. I'm 21 years old and writing poetry was my life. I haven't written much in a while but I am hoping to get back to it. So if you'd like, stick around for some semi-good writing! :)

- Kita <3

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  • I wake up every night, sweat running down my head,
    Nothing to remember except the nightmare I just...

  • What is life?
    Is it a series of rooms, series of people just...

  • These past months have been confusing
    Like when entering a new school...

  • Best friends until the end,
    That's what we always said, no, if, buts or ands...

  • Loss (1)

    I'm losing myself,
    Losing every ounce of me...

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  • Sometimes the path you walk is full of thorns, but we must all walk it to get to the roses.

    8 years ago
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  • Sometimes you think someone is there, until the minute you need them...then...they disappear....

    11 years ago
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  • Insecrity is what consumes the human heart and mind which causes us to not act like ourselfs

    12 years ago
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