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i'm not really fond of writing poems, but then something happened to me like i was zapped and turned into a POETIC MANIAC!!! hahahahaha, but it's cool. since then, i've realized that i can let my feelings out easier through poems...hope you had fun reading my works, see ya

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  • All these koreanovelas make me miss you more. i envy them. coz even though they don't really know that the one they love adores them too coz they wouldn't really admit to it...they do.

    11 years ago
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  • Everytime i set my mind to let you go, you always seem to crawl your way back into my heart.

    11 years ago
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  • Maybe i feel so much hurting coz i'm making myself feel that way. i'm letting myself be vulnerable to the pain i shouldn't really burden to begin with. but then again, it's the only feeling that i know is real.

    11 years ago
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