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Hey all. I'm a wanna-be writer. You can call me Sammy. I registered on here a long time ago, then hit a dry spell with writing. I'm trying to come back to it.

All of my poems are things that I have felt and experienced. Don't judge, and be nice.

I'm not trying to awe you all with poems I've spent hours and hours working on. I know they're a bit raw, but writing is mainly an outlet for me.

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Latest Poems By Samara Elizabeth Vance

  • You've left a coldness in me;
    one my electric blanket can't even fix...

  • The sky cries out
    the sun dips low...

  • I'm a Fallen Angel destined to fly,
    broken and crazy but too strong to cry...

  • An eagle perches on a mountaintop,
    to see if he found what he had sought...

  • Sun and Sky, Mountain and Stream,
    Nothing is ever as it seems...

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  • Life is like a poem. Not always is it read aloud. It may make little sense to you and me, but it is a sweet lullaby to the one who lives it.

    13 years ago
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