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I haven't updated this website in a long time... I only remembered it recently when I googled my name and found that some of my poems had been shared on other websites.

It makes me happy to know that something I've written can have a positive influence elsewhere. I'm currently reviewing a lot of my work. I'm still writing though not so frequently. However, I hope you like what you see and maybe I'll be able to continue to express myself in a way that affects others.

Thank you.

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  • Age : 28
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Latest Poems By Dean Russell-Rands

  • I’m twirling thoughts or
    Are they twirling me...

  • It tears me apart to say the words
    To think the truth for just a second...

  • I've never felt so down
    Or low, or broke, or sad...

  • You're my new favourite person
    You're my new favourite thing...

  • Sometimes in this life we have to say goodbye
    We have to let go and try to move on...

Latest Quotes By Dean Russell-Rands

  • We all have downers sometimes but we must not let them deprive us of our dreams - we must let our dreams deprive us of downers.

    12 years ago
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  • You'll only ever be as good as you think you can be - so start thinking outside of the box.

    12 years ago
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  • At the heart of every dream, there's hope that it will come true.

    12 years ago
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