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I've been writing for as long as I can remember, an amatuer and that's all. Please keep in mind some of my poems are actually songs. ___________________________
"They promised that dreams could come true. They forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too."
--Quotation from a dear friend. _________________________________________________________________________________

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  • A beach was created
    From waves of tears long shed...

  • The calm it brings
    With water glistening...

  • Be okay with my ups and downs
    Life is full of tragedy...

  • Despair (2) 2

    My despair is mine alone
    Don't tell me how to grieve...

  • There is not much with strength nor breath
    Or beauty which is within our clasp...

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  • Theres nothing more disappointing than growing up. All the hope which comes with youthfulness dries up with experience and all that is left is deep sadness and regret. And the hunger for death.

    2 months ago
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  • You only know what you have by what you lose

    6 months ago
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  • Always forgive but know when to walk away

    11 months ago
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