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i love writing poems quotes and songs .&&. my boyfriend. i love rain, i love music, music is my life, i love the simple things in life that make me wonder, i love taking pictures, i love black and white, i love frapuccinos. i love that one guy who has always been there for me , that i write most of my stuff about, i love how he will never no its about him, because he will never care enough to figure it out, i love lyrics, i put them everywhere, they explain my life, i love my friends who save me everyday, i like to help peope. i love to read others poetry. i love meeting kind people because i dont know many. i love my mom, she helps me, cuz my dad doesnt. i love life, and everything in it, which is good because i didnt used to, i love waking up in the morning, cuz for one second of the day i feel like everythings gonna be okay, i love greys anatomy, without it i wouldnt be here, i love writing notes, i love getting hugs, i love those moments that take your breath away, and those where you just simply can not breathe, i love being loved, and loving others, but loving only leads to hurting, but we love while we can,.&&. i love traveling, driving where i have no clue where im going, taking long walks along the beach, i love singing, even though i suck, i always need to let it out, i like crying, and seeing others cry, because crying is healthy, and it makes us feel better, i love fireworks, and looking up at the stars, cuz in that moment i realize that nothing is impossibe, i love feeling like someone cares about me, even if no one does, i love parties, and i love playing guitar, it saves me, i love God beacause without him i wouldnt be here, and i wouldnt have all these things i love, and finally i love love today because it isnt tomorrow, it isnt yesterday, and it isnt forever, its just now, and thats all i could ever promise, or be promised.... < / 3

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  • && i dont know why im still[[crying over you]]
    its been two full years of this.
    sleepless nights, missing you so much.
    maybe this will soon be over.
    but i highly doubt it.

    11 years ago
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  • Heres my feelings,scattered on a blank paper.scribbled out as poeticly beautiful letters,arranged in an non orderly fashion.butitdoesntmatter,eventhemost lovelywordscanmakethemosthorriblesentences.ijusthopeichosemywordsright.ionlywantedtomakeyouhappy.

    11 years ago
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  • Im jsut an average girl, trying my hardest and ill never be good enough, never be the best, once i get to the top, i always fall down, theres always someone to be jealous of, who is better than me, someone who is always one uping me, and always wins

    11 years ago
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