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I'm a young woman that is just trying to fight through life. I have fought through loss, love, sadness, happiness, regret, uselessness, depression, disappointment and the list could gone on forever. I'm just here to see if any one likes my thoughts or agrees with them. so rate my stuff and comment please. that's the only thing i ask for.

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  • Age : 20
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  • Country : USA, Texas
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Latest Poems By Aggie Angel

  • Life is such an unpredictable thing
    at one point you'll be flying high thinking...

  • Daughter: I did love him but now he's not apart of...
    Mother: I'm just glad to see you happy...

  • Yeah we bicker and fight
    We annoy each other to no end...

  • There's always that one person that
    When you are having the worst day...

  • You were given this life because you are strong...
    This really isn't a poem I know but it's something...

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  • Life throws curve balls sometimes, but that one came out of no where and I was still able to knock it out of the park

    9 years ago
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  • Don't promise me the moon or the stars, don't promise me anything, just stand beside me even when i'm wrong, and tell me you love that's all i ask

    9 years ago
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  • So i finally realized that fairytales aren't real but happy ending can happen

    9 years ago
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