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hi. what can i say??? iv made alot of mistakes and iv kept alot of secrets and im suddenly learing you cant live life like that... and you cant turn back. lots of you probably think im just a silly teen who doesnt use capital letters or apostraphies... which i think i spelt wrong... and you may be right but i still think its annoying when peope say on the saddness forum 'oh its just teen hormones.../there are people in the world with worse problems ect. because that really doesnt help and to be honest isnt very mature. of course people have worse problems but that doesnt make yours any better so i think those people should really just shut up. (lol, my words of wisedom :s) I like to write. i like the way you can talk about something whithout being persiphic or having to say it to a person because im realy not good at talking to people about me. i often wish i had the right words to say to everyone... to make everything ok... but i guess i dont. i guess if anyones still bothering to read this i just want to say never give up. keep going and eventually whatever it is... however bad it is... it will end.

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  • It sickens me
    The way i was your heart as cheap jewlery.

    10 years ago
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  • It breaks my heart to see
    he's broken because of me.

    10 years ago
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  • Crying on the inside.
    dying on the outside,
    outside from them
    with their locks of secret smiles.

    10 years ago
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