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my first love broke my heart, as you can probably tell from my poems, but thankfully i met a wonderful guy who treats me like a princess. im a little emo girl, and writing when im upset is my way of venting. i use to cut until i realized there are better ways, i've had alot of problems in my life my best friend/ brother died about a year ago. i've struggled with eating disorders this last 2 years, but im starting to realize that life is too short to worry about all this stuff. don't let my flaws fool you, im a usually happy person with the greatest friends any girl could ever want, i love to hang out and laugh, go swimming and have a good time. if you have anything to say or any questions your more than welcome to write me at don't worry, i don't bite!

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  • Age : 16
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  • Country : USA, California
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Latest Poems By Ashley

  • I love when you look past me
    to see her...

  • Today tomorrow
    maybe next week...

  • You grab my arm
    and pull me back...

  • You look at me through
    blood drawn eyes...

  • I watched you, not in that creepy 'I want you...
    i know it's not in poem form like my others... but...

Latest Quotes By Ashley

  • Late at night i see your face haunting my dreams with your sweet embrace and now as the sun rises you take me by the hand leading me forever to my promise land xOxO

    14 years ago
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  • Im sure he has better things to do
    than waste his time on me.
    i know i meant nothing to him,
    but he meant everything to me.

    14 years ago
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  • ~*~everyone thinks theyre the one to change her but everyday she thinks the drugs can save her~*~

    14 years ago
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