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whats up? the names jessica cherrise. i play volleyball, basketball, soccer, and run track. i hate school. the only reason that i go to school is to play sports. i hate all the drama that high school has, but i deal with it by these poems. and i guess that not all of it is bad... i mean i might be young...but i know what i like. and i think that im slowly falling in love...

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  • Show me comfort when I fall, make me smile with...
    Show me love when I'm in fears, hold me close as I...

  • To pretty to cry, to ugly to care
    The pain i feel i can no longer bear...

  • This scrub was always on my mind. not a day went...
    Then HE came into my life...

  • As the words of the text were read, my heart...
    I sat there with the phone in my hand, and slowly...

  • Makes me smile, treats me right
    Loves to argue, loves to fight...

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  • You say that you love me, you say that i mean everything to you, you hold her in your arms and look at me, i simply dont understand why im not the one that gets to you my boyfriend...

    8 years ago
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  • Abs(love).....with the absolute value of love, there is no negative..... ")

    8 years ago
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  • People say im to young to love... i say there to old to remember!

    9 years ago
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