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I've been writing poems for as long as I can remember...
Most of them are from real life experiences, Things happened early in my life that forced me to skip the last half of my childhood and grow up far before I should have.

I've been away from the site for a long time, But I figure it's time to come back.. Again, some of my poems suck really bad, and some are pretty good. Feel free to r/r/c on any and all, and of course I will always return the favor. =)

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  • Age : 26
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  • Anew.. (6)

    Sitting in my room alone
    Nothing to do...

  • Tears streaming down my face
    Heart feels so out of place...

  • Oh God, Why is life so sad?
    Why do women get beat up...

  • What if he's not that one?
    Am I making a mistake...

  • I wake up in the morning
    And a smile crosses my face...

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  • Life's a b**** and then you die, so live your life, try not to cry.

    14 years ago
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