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I really like musicals
this year our school did one called "how to succeed in business without really trying"
it was insanly funny and fun to be in.
Jordan and Bridgette were our leads and they did a amazing job.
the other leads were Kelsey, Tyler, Liz, Mac, ME!, Jon, Katie, Sarah, Cala, Kris
and a few more people.
It was my first time having a bigger part so it was cool to sing in front of all the people and such.
I take voice lessons from the famous kim higgins
she has tought me a lot i love singing
I play the basson in concert band,
I used to be in orchrastra with violin but now i just play it in my free time,
I tought myself guitar,
took a few years of piano and im ok at it not great,
I'm in the process of learning drums,
and i play tenor Saxaphone in marching band.
dog shows:
I show two of my three dogs
in 4-H starlight and paws. I show them in Grooming& handling,
Obediance, 4-man team, brace, agility
and i am thinking of joinging rally-o this year
although i dont know if i will or not.

well in the future i really would like to be on broadway
but i dont think i will make it on so i plan on going to alfred state for veternary technitian
(did i mention i can not spell) i would love to work with large animals
like at the zoo and such cause that would be cool
but i think im going to stick with dogs and littler animals.
I am a christian,
Jesus has always been there for me
and always will be if you dont know im you should get to>br? cuase he can change your life the power of prayer is amazing!

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