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I am simply another soul wondering about this beauty and horror, attempting to find my place. I enjoy my poetry as it has become my therapy. I have an anger rooted deep inside, that I often fight-for although I am angry, I have a huge heart. So more often than not, one minute I'm mean and don't care, the next I feel bad about it - unless they absolutely deserve it. I could care less about the technical side of poetry (structure). It's a means of expression. If you enjoy it - GREAT.

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  • Insanity...
    Doing the same thing...

  • I can't seem to comprehend,
    this test I'm facing...

  • It all became so clear,
    why it holds its power...

  • A Truth (1) 2

    What is truth?
    Is it the actions we take...

  • What can be said,
    that hasn't been said already...

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  • No two fires, dance the same dance, as they shine their light.

    1 year ago
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  • When you're at the bottom, you don't fear falling. The fear you feel is not knowing whether you have the strength to stand back up.

    3 years ago
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  • I am in battle with myself, while battling the rest of the world.

    5 years ago
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