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I am different. We are all different in other ways. We use Our minds and our life to describe what we feel. I am different for being me.
I love writing poetry.
I thank all who commented my poems.
If you PM me, asking me to comment/vote your poems/quotes, I'll accept.
After all, I have to return favors!
Information about me:
I was born on: 15th of September 1997.
So I'm 11!
I have 3 sisters, all younger than me, and i'll have another sister next 1-2 months! P.S out of my 3 sisters, 2 are twins. They are 2.
The other is 5.
Secondly, I'm home-educated.
I've never been to school, In my whole life.
I am doing my GCSEs next year, or the one after.
I love poems, and they are exspressing lots. PM if you want to talk to me!
Daisy, aged 11.
P.S if you want to email me, email me at: daisy.sanders@ntlword.com

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  • Life is good
    Life is bad
    But life is simply sad

    10 years ago
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  • A friend in need,
    Is a friend indeed.

    10 years ago
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  • Out of the darkness, light can shine with love.

    12 years ago
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